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We are Town Planners & Architectural Consultants.

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Rubix Applications are Inclusive of* :

  • Planning Consultation with an MRTPI Chartered Town Planner;

  • Measured Survey & Drawings;

  • Detailed Planning Design - Initial Sketch Scheme & Design Changes;

  • Supporting Report: Planning Statement / Heritage Statement;

  • Representation to Local Authority during Application, with regular Client updates and reporting.

*Terms & Conditions may apply.

Pre Applications

Useful Information

Unlike planning applications and consents for which the fees are set at national level, local authorities set their own pre application service fee levels. Contact us today and we can find out the fees and types of pre application services relevant to your project

In addition, local authorities set their own service standards relating to time frame for a detailed response. Contact us today to find out more about typical time frames for response from your local authority planning department.


A pre application process is one good way to understand how a future planning application shall likely be assessed by your local authority. However we advise that feedback shall be informally made and there are no consents issued with the advice or guarantee that the local authorities assessment shall be honoured at a later date. Our experience tells us that the most effective means to get reliable feedback is to prepare drawings and submit detailed proposals to get the most from your local authority planning department. Contact us now to find out more

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