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We are Town Planners & Architectural Consultants.

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Rubix Applications are Inclusive of* :

  • Planning Consultation with an MRTPI Chartered Town Planner;

  • Measured Survey & Drawings;

  • Detailed Planning Design - Initial Sketch Scheme & Design Changes;

  • Supporting Report: Planning Statement / Heritage Statement;

  • Representation to Local Authority during Application, with regular Client updates and reporting.

*Terms & Conditions may apply.

Prior Approvals for Larger Extensions

Useful Information

  • Your application will benefit from accurate scaled drawings to show your existing property, and a set of drawings to present your proposal.


  • Notifications of Prior Approval may take up to 42 days to determine. Subject to Legislation there may be a deemed consent should the Authority not decide the notification after 56 days.


  • This type of application does not permit the LPA to assess the application against their local planning policy.


  • Notifications for prior approval are not planning applications, but are the current mechanism to achieve larger householder extensions in accordance with the GPDO.


  • Prior Approval notifications for larger extensions may not be sought retrospectively.

  • The local authority is required to consult your immediate affected property owners and letters will be sent to your neighbours. Depending on Council, notifications for prior approval may not be visible on Local Authority Planning Searches.


Please note that in some circumstances your permitted development rights may be either limited or withheld by your Local Authority. Such as your property lying within a Conservation Area or other areas restricted by legal Articles (Article 4 Directions). Or Heritage Assets such as listed buildings. In these cases, planning consent is likely to be required and a planning application submitted for your project.

Where Prior Approval is required and approved, it is recommended to establish planning consent for your project by submitting a Certificate of Lawful Proposed Use.

Rubix will inform you of the opportunities and limitations of any permitted development rights you hold.

Advisory: the process of prior approval can be complex and may be reliant upon a programme of implementation if combined with other permitted development or planning approvals. Speak with us today to learn more.

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